Petri’s Place: Cold Beer For The ‘Possums - Baby Bake 2024

Petri’s Place: Cold Beer For The ‘Possums - Baby Bake 2024

It's Not Always About Poop

Whenever someone wants to come and volunteer, I'm always quick to remind them there will be a lot of poop and blood. 

Sometimes it's theirs, sometimes it's yours. But it's going to happen. 

That runs a few folks off from time to time. 

When asked if there are jobs that can be done where bodily fluids and fur are not involved, I can only reply with the basics: folding laundry, stocking potty pads and cleaning the counters and floors. 

Super sexy right? 

But opportunity presented itself. 

No poop, no blood (mostly no blood...manicured nails were harmed in this story) and free chicken on a stick???

Sign us all up!!

Baby Bake 2024 

I know what you're thinking. Baked babies don't sound that delightful. The name of the event probably needs some work but we didn't come up with it. 

Basically its a "baby" version or preview of the Oyster Bake in San Antonio. The event was held at St. Mary's University for their alumni (fam/friends) for homecoming. 

Petri's Place was invited to participate in serving beer in two booths to earn a donation from the university. 

What did we have to do you ask? 

Set up, keep supplies stocked, watch for the crazies trying to slip past us and then clean up at the end of the night. 


Soooo, exactly like a day of rehabbin minus the poop! 

Sure we were slipping on ice cubes and bottle tops. Manicures were massacred from opening cans without a bar key and a few toes were stepped on in the crowded spaces.

And no one got bit. (that I know of...I mean, it was a beer booth...)

We learned that even when you follow every letter of the law someone will complain, giving patrons too many choices results in a lot of confusion and that Gen-Z is vocal on social media but a pretty shy group in real life. 

But at the end of the night, these volunteers were ready to sign up again for next year!!

What does any of this have to do with wildlife?

It's simple. We depend on donations. Events like these reward the volunteer work with a donation to the non-profit organization. 

You can support Petri's Place by volunteering with us next year or other events like this. No 'possum poop involved. 

If you know of other opportunities for Petri's Place, please reach out. If you need us to pop, lock and drop it, just tell us how low. 

Babies gotta eat.  

Thank you!

In all seriousness, I'd like to say thank you to all of the volunteers and St. Mary's University. Thank you also to our raccoon loving mama for the adorable Petri's Place shirts! 

Not only the Baby Bake participation but rehabbing in general cannot be done without volunteers and donations. 

This buds for you! (considering there were so many left, I could actually send each of you a beer...)

Here's How Can You Help:

Every dollar, wish list item and volunteer hour helps. 

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