Becoming a Rehabber

Becoming a Rehabber

Hello, I'm Tina Davis, the Executive Director and Rehabber at Petri's Place. 

At Petri' Place it's our mission to provide rehabilitation and education programs dedicated to the support of helping native wildlife thrive. 

As a rehabber, I know I cannot save as many animals as ten of me can. This is why helping other animal lovers become rehabbers themselves is so important to my part of the mission. 

Becoming A Permitted Rehabber

If you are interested in becoming a permitted rehabber in the state of Texas you'll need to meet several requirements to apply. 

Some of the requirements Petri's Place can assist potential rehabbers with are:

  • Complete and pass the exam from an approved organization (NWRA/IWRC)
  • Three years experience with wildlife rehabilitation 
  • Recommendation letter from wildlife rehabber (must have known for 2 years)
  • Score 100% on the Texas department administered wildlife rehabilitation exam

The experience you'll gain working in the sanctuary will help you with the courses and exams, preparing for enclosures and inspections as well as recommendations. 

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact us at and I'll set up a call with you. 

Becoming A Volunteer Rehabber

If becoming a fully permitted rehabber is not what you're ready for or interested in, there are other opportunities to rehab. 

By volunteering as a subpermitted rehabber with Petri's Place, you'll be able to assist in the care of animals at our facility and/or temporarily in your own home/space.

Subpermittees are important for rehabilitation centers as they can assist in the round the clock care of young or medically recovering animals. 

Requirements to become a volunteer rehabber under Petri's Place include:

  • 100 volunteer hours at Petri's Place before application
  • Inspection of location/area rehabbing animals will be cared for
  • Rabies vaccine - for vector species care only

Additional requirements will be discussed and arrangements made if applicable once interest is made and volunteer hours have started. 

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact us at and I'll set up a call with you. 

Animals First

At Petri's Place, the wellbeing of the animals comes first. We do not support nor do we assist with obtaining wild animals as pets.

Our rehabilitation training assistance, services and recommendations will not be offered to anyone looking to or keeping wildlife as pets. 

The care and commitment to the animals is held in high regards and we reserve the right to not extend a subpermit to anyone that is unable to care properly for the animals, is intending to keep a wild animal as a pet or cannot keep the animals safe in their environment.