Petri's Place: Home Rehabber Smart List

Congratulations on becoming a home rehabber for Petri's Place. 

Below will be a list that I'll keep as up to date as possible with items that we use ourselves in the sanctuary. You can use the same or similar.

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Amazon Links:

Running Wheel (Older Babies)

Quiet Wheel

Running Wheel (Young Juveniles)

Kaytee Comfort

Running Wheel (Juvenile & Adult)


Running Wheel (Juvenile & Adult)

Natural Wood 

Black Wood

Juvenile Cages

Yaheetech 69" Cage

Critter Nation Cage - Critter Nation (Midwest) is one of the best caging companies on the market. You can use this as an idea to find similar considering the prices are much higher. 

Play Pens (Outdoor)

New World Metal Pen

Folding Playpen

Cage Bedding

2pc Hammock Set

Hammock Set 3pc

Food & Supplements

Meal Worms (whatever brand you get, they must have calcium added)


Calcium (Larger)

Washable Potty Pads

Fosanfly - brands not important, size and absorbency is. These was hundreds of times are are still great. 


Other Grocery Items

Dry Cat Food (any brand, not kitten)

Scoopable-Clumping Litter (unscented - must be clumping)

Chicken Necks

Chicken Wings

Chicken Gizzards

Whitefish (any fish with bones)



Dark Greens




- Any fruits can be used but keep fruit to 10% or less of each meal. Use as treats.

- Any veggies can be used, keep to at least 50% of meal

Eggs can be served cooked (scrambled or hardboiled) with shell - they need the calcium


Opossums need sunlight. It can be indirect through a window but they need sunlight for their bones. This can be 30 minutes a day. 

Opossums need to walk approximately one mile a day. This is why it is important to have a functional wheel. 

Opossums do potty in water but will use a litter box. Wheels should have potty pads under them because they potty on the wheel. 

Meat Meals

Meat should be raw and bone in when possible

Grinding chicken and other meats works well (the grinder we use is below). Blend in either calcium or hardboiled eggs with shell and calcium when making the meat in the grinder. 

Meat Grinder